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The Background of Egg Cleansing or La Limpia

La Limpia

Maria Starts the Egg Cleansing at the Head

In order to understand egg cleansings well enough to do them, we have to understand something about how shamans have used cleansings. South American Shamans have used egg cleanses for generations. Shamans have always understood that we need to lead balanced lives in order to enjoy physical and emotional health and happiness. Shamans, Mayans, Native Americans and other indigenous healers are recognized for their connection to nature. They recognize that nature is like a living Bible, providing us with “rules” on how best to live, as well as examples on how to harmoniously cohabitate the earth. They know that nature guides and leads our lives when we are open to this. Nature teaches us in many ways. In nature, we see examples of trees growing through the cycle of the seasons: blooming in the spring, growing in the summer, turning in the fall and hibernating in the winter. Animals are another grand teacher: they maintain a balance within themselves, within their social structures, and even with their prey. In this way they ensure their survival as best they can, keeping their food from going extinct.

Shamans also know that it is through nature that Spirit communicates with us, whether the communication is through an event such as spotting a rare animal, a gust of wind, or a bird landing close by. Nature’s language is one of energy. It is the same language of Spirit, referred to as silent knowledge in esoteric teachings. It is pre-thought and pre-verbal communication, which makes it impossible to “hear” when we are accustomed to the structured and solid communications of languages. Unlike spoken languages, this language does not usually rely on written or audible words. Silent knowledge communicates via energy, or sensation, and relies on our perception and interpretation of sensation. Using sensation consciously and clearly is extremely empowering. Being aware of sensation, and being able to tune into different sensations, becomes equivalent to being able to use words for communication. At the level of energy, sensation is the key to communicating with Spirit, with higher aspects of ourselves, and even beyond time and space. At these advanced levels, sensation opens energetic doors to anything we choose to connect to. This is an important aspect to egg cleansing, because we need to be in the flow of nature in order to receive guidance on how best to use nature (how to use the egg) and its power in our energy cleansing session.

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