The Shaman Healing Art of Egg Cleansing – An Adventure

The egg cleansing, is a simple, yet powerful form of Shamanic Healing. What’s more is that even though it is very well known in Mexico, very few people know about it in the U.S. and other parts of the world. In Mexico, every community has their local Curandera (healer) who practices the Limpia, which literally means cleaning, as one of their basic shaman healing practices.

I first encountered the egg cleansing in Tulum, Mexico. Tulum is a small town with a famous archeological site that is very beautiful and sits next to the ocean. It is in the Yucatan Pensula, which is primarily dense tropical jungle. In the Yucatan there are many pyramid sites, some pyramids such as Chichen Itsa are well known for its beauty, grandeur and sacred geometry.  The local people in the Yucatan are Mayan. They are wonderful people, always kind, friendly and easy going.

I had heard about a local curandera in Tulum who did Mayan massage. My wife Kalyn and I went to find her and check it out. Finding her was interesting. We were told to go to a local restaurant and inquire about her there, which we did. They told us to go across the road and down a street to a little store and ask there. We found the store and upon asking they directed us to a little building that contained a gym. We went in and were directed to the second floor where we found Maria of Tulum in a room filled with the smoke of copal.

Maria of Tulum was thin, but I could see the outline her muscles in her arms and legs. She was wearing colorful dress that had bright red and purple flowers on it. On one side of the room was a large alter with Mayan artifacts, a print of the Mayan Tree of Life. …to be continued

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