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Egg Cleanse

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Egg cleansing is an ancient shamanic form of healing. An egg cleansing utilizes natural attributes of an egg to help cleanse or rid an individual of unwanted energies and its many manifestations. Egg cleansings quickly release energies due to stress, stagnation, stuck places and much more.

Begin by experimenting with an egg cleanse. Before you go any further in the book, try giving a good friend or companion an egg cleanse. This way you will get a feel for an egg cleanse, and you might get a feel for what your unique way of giving a cleanse will be. Giving the cleanse is as simple as rubbing an egg in a circular motion all over the body of your client, from top to bottom. The flow is downward, so you don’t want to start at a leg and then move up to an arm. By experimenting first, you will allow your creativity to suggest an order for covering the body. You will also allow any energies you want to draw upon, or tools you may want in the room for your use, to naturally come to mind.

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